A Blueprint for New Footprints:
A Simple Guide to Changing Your Life Now

By: Gary Yamamoto

Improving Your Life?

You want to improve your life! Perhaps you want to have more money, improve your relationships, or just get a better job. Whatever it is, you know you need to make some changes.

You may have tried to make changes in the past, and some of the changes may have been successful. Unfortunately, itís often the more important and critical changes you want that seem to elude you. Even after thinking about it, youíre not sure why this happens. You hate it because it makes you feel like a failure.

Here are problems that people have found on the road to achieving success:

      This person knew the results he wished to achieve. Once he decided on his goals, he found it very difficult to begin. He didnít know why, but he was spending a lot of his time getting ready to start. He was very prepared, but taking action to create the change seemed to elude him.

      Another person spent a long time and energy to acquire all the right skills and knowledge. He wanted to sell products online. Whenever he acquired a new software program and struggled to learn how to use it, he found an advertisement for a newer and better program. This continued for over a year, with nothing to show for all the time and money spent.

      Then there were those who appeared to have it all. Then, one day, they reversed their actions and sabotaged their work and lives. Even with everything seeming to go their way, they just threw it all away. The most public example of this seems to be the reports on so many celebrities and other very successful people.

If any of these seem like you, I understand what youíre going through. I know that your lack of success is not for lack of planning or effort. What you are working against are a number of factors that hold you back; some of which is hidden internally, deep within the recesses of your mind. These may include your old habits, lack of support from family and others, waning motivation, and too little results. Or else, you may be suffering from simply not wanting to failówhich makes not starting a good way to never fail.

You donít want to become a statistic of those who have struggled to create a change and simply gave up. You want to be able to create the changes you desire.

After all, you know others who are able to turn their lives around almost at will. They simply decide to create a change and they do it immediately. You know that they must have some advantage over you. But what are these secrets that are holding you back.

There are several factors to successfully change your life. These include:

        Clearly identifying the results you desire

        Having the right skills and knowledge

        Overcoming personal limitations

        Being motivated

This little book will quickly give you the answers you seek. It will help you to finally get a hold of the factors that are holding you back and overcome them. More importantly, it provides you with the key tool to keep you on the road to achieve what you truly desire.

You see, starting is not a problem for most. But once started, the problem becomes one of motivation. The key is your ability to get yourself motivated and then maintain the motivation. Without continuous motivation, you may find it very difficult to continue making the right choices and following though.

If you have problems making improvements in your life, this book provides you with the answer. It will quickly give you the answers you need to achieve your goals. As individual goals are reached, you will get the results you wanted.

In todayís hyper-change environment, no one has a lot of time to spare. Between work, family, relationships, and other obligations, you probably have little time to read a book. We know that this time-crunch is a problem for most people.

The advantage of this book is its compact size. Because you can read it in an hour or less, it is a quick read. It is small enough to be easily transported. You can read it in an hour. Youíll receive the ideas and information you need to create the changes you truly desire.

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This book has been created as a handy pocket-sized book. In today's high-speed living, few people have the time to leisurely read standard books. In this environment, readers want to get the gist of the information as fast as possible, without a lot of "fluffy" material added to create a standard size book. If you wish to discover how to achieve the results you desire in the most efficient was possible, then this type of book is for you.

Another advantage is your ability to carry this book with you. You can put it in your pocket or purse and it can be quickly read whenever you have a bit of time to spare. You can also carry this book as a reference guide, which can be referred to whenever the need arises.

Finally, this book will be available in the near future in PDF format. This format conveniently fits into an iPhone.

Get this handy pocket-sized book now. Itíll give you the solutions that you desire in the most efficient way possible.

About the Author

Gary Yamamoto graduated from the University of Hawaii and was a communication and nuclear weapons engineer. He then founded and was CEO of a trade book publishing company. After selling his portion of the publishing company, he became a professional speaker and is co-owner of Gold Stars Speakers Bureau.

Gary is also the author of 6 books, including Professional Power, Personal Excellence and Creative Dream Analysis. For more information about his books, please visit www.goldstars.com and look up the products page.

Gary has studied the martial art of Aikido and Kendo for more than 20 years. He was raised a Buddhist and has been ordained a Liberal Catholic Priest, in the Malabar Rites. He has taught personal development, practical spiritual development, and metaphysics for more than 30 years. Some of his early awareness came from being taught to meditate under a waterfall.

Retail price: $9.95

Discounted price: $7
Shipping: FREE

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