Gold Stars Speakers Bureau Scrapbook

Meeting Planner, Pat Ahaesy with Andrea in New York, New York, outside the waffle wagon Andrea saw featured on TV. Photo takes by Pat's husband, Vince.

  Gary Bradt  with Andrea at the Festival of Books in Tucson, Arizona

Michael Gelb  with Andrea at the Festival of Books in Tucson, Arizona

ndrea setting up her booth at the Festival of Books in Tucson, Arizona

   Andrea at l
ocal PBS TV station fund raising with other members of MPI in Tucson

   Andrea with MECO Meet Up in Las Vegas Nevada

   Outside the Wild Horse Saloon in Nashville, TN

   Shopping in Prescott, Arizona

   Singing Karaoke in San Carlos, Mexico

   Relaxing on the leeward shore of Oahu, Hawaii

   Andrea at a trade show

   Mick Fleetwood with Andrea

   Barbara Sanfilippo with Andrea

   Andrea at the Mystic Shipyard at Mystic, CT

   Andrea in New York City

   Terry Brock with Andrea

   R&R in Maui

   Tim Sanders with Andrea

   Charles Petty with Andrea

   Petting the Rays at Virginia Beach, VA

   Peter Vidmar with Andrea

Andrea after singing "Would you like to fly on Southwest Airlines" at the counter in Albuquerque, NM. Andrea won $50 for her effort.

   Andrea congratulating Mike McKinley
   Mike was awarded the Cavett Award from the National Speakers Assn in 2008

   Playing with the dolphins in the Bahamas

   Willie Jolley with Andrea at the National Speakers Assn meeting in Phoenix, AZ

   Andrea in Tiananmin Square, Beijing, China

   Andrea at the Bund, Shanghai, China

Andrea and mom hiking in Payson, AZ

Wally Amos and wife with Andrea at Wally's home in Lanikai, Oahu.

   Business first, even on a hike!

horsing around in Sedona


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