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Peter Baines is one of Australia’s leadership experts, having road tested leadership the hard way. Peter spent 22 years with the NSW Police leading teams in response to acts of terrorism and natural disasters on a scale not previously seen.

Peter was part of the leadership team that responded to Bali after the bombings in 2002 and was called upon in 2005 to lead national and international teams in response to the Tsunami of December 26, 2004 in South East Asia. Peter headed up multiple rotations into Thailand leading international teams in the identification process of those who died. All the time his leadership theories were tested in this trying environment. Peter was engaged to work in Queensland by one of the major Australian Banks and Universities to work with their staff and clients following devastating floods and cyclone. His messages focused on leading in uncertain times and ensuring business continuity.

Creating sustainable leadership became a passion of his after witnessing the devastating effects of the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami. He was deeply touched by the number of children left orphaned by the disaster and was inspired to set up an organization that could make a significant difference in the lives of these children. In late 2005, Hands Across the Water was formed to raise funds for, and awareness of, the children of Thailand who were left orphaned. Today Hands is one of Australia’s fastest growing boutique charities, having raised several million dollars without spending one cent of donor’s money on administrative costs since its inception. With this they have built two orphanages, purchased a rubber plantation to ensure a sustainable and regular income and constructed a medical and community center in the Khao Lak region of Thailand and is currently working towards the construction of a HIV Paediatrics Hospital in the North East of Thailand. Hands Across the Water is in a joint venture with Victoria University and the Starwood Hotel Group which provides education to students and staff from the Tsunami affected area of Khao Lak.

Peter has received various awards including Australian of the Year NSW Finalist for 2010, Thought Leaders Socialpreneur of the year 2008 and being the first Australian to be awarded the international honor of a Rotary Professional Excellence Award in 2008.

Today Peter spends his time helping businesses build effective Sustainable Leadership programs through the unique mix of his leadership and corporate social responsibility initiatives. His Corporate Social Responsibility platforms create goodwill, staff engagement and sustainable change. He also continues to lead the Hands Across the Water team in supporting their orphanages and the beautiful children of Thailand. Peter has a diverse client base across many sectors including the leading financial institutions of Australia and internationally with the government of Saudi Arabia where he assisted them in building their leadership and crisis management capacity. He has worked with education providers, both government and private and has spent time advising many large corporate organizations both on a national and international level.

  • Leadership Matters
  • Experiences Matter - Results Driven by Experiences
  • Conference Experience - Creating Unique Experiences

Adversity/Challenge, Team Building, Management, Leadership, Motivation
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"A truly inspiring keynote address that made us laugh, cry but most of all it made us think. The message of life, leadership and what truly matters was inspirational. Before you die you must get to meet Peter Baines, life will change." - NZ School Trustees Association

"After having just heard Peter Baines speak, what I have got to offer you is of no value at all and pales into insignificance having heard his story." - National Australia Bank

"Peter Baines recently delivered his 'Leadership Matters' Keynote for our Senior Leaders and extended it into a follow up workshop. As the organizer of the event it was fantastic to look around the room and see the genuine engagement on their faces, and watch as they absorbed his truly compelling messages. The feedback we have received has been excellent, both on Peter's amazing content but also on his thoroughly engaging and captivating presentation style. He truly challenged us to think differently about Value-Based Leadership and what impact and personal contribution our Senior Leaders really want to make." - St George Bank

"From the moment I spoke to Peter Baines over the phone to when I said good bye to him after the event it has been an absolute pleasure. I provided Peter with my theme, outcome and ideas of what I wanted from the conference and therefore from his speech. Peter exceeded all expectations. The content of his speech and his actual journey resonated with my and so many of my people. Being in travel the majority of people had been to the places around the world that Peter was talking about therefore felt some emotional connection to the situation and environment that Peter was faced with... Thank you Peter for sharing your story with us." - NORTH STAR NSW, FLIGHT CENTRE LIMITED

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