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Over time and stacks of neuroscientific research, Steve Bedwell developed a simple process for changing your outlook on any situation at any time. He call it Perspective Power. After years of explaining the complexities of medicine, the decision to shift focus and teach people how to flex their Perspective Power was practically made for him. So many of the people who heard his ideas asked me to come and speak to their organizationshe was using all his vacation and personal time to do programs on Perspective Power. It was time to take Perspective Power on the road!

Teaching the world at large was never in his plans. Steve began my career as a medical doctor practicing and teaching medicine at the Royal London Hospital. It was here he developed my offbeat teaching methods. He was thrilled that, as word spread among the medical students, his class sizes repeatedly swelled beyond capacity. And the more the students laughed, the more they listened and learned. An approach he still use in all his presentations.

As Steve pursued his medical career, he earned two degrees. The first in clinical biochemistry. The second in medicine. In his graduating class, he was also honored with awards for Primary Care and Cardiovascular Medicine. Yet, within a week of graduating he made a serious misdiagnosis that almost caused a patient's death. In hindsight, he realized the diagnosis seemed so obvious that he didn't think to view the clinical picture from different angles. This simple observation on human nature led him to a life changing realization. Looking at a situation from multiple perspectives gives you a range of ways to think, choices of how to feel and different options for action. Which is why, regardless of the challenge, the people who cope best are those able to see their problem from different points of view.

  • Flex Your Perspective Power, Supercharge Your Success

Motivation, Performance, Humor, Success, Magic, Creativity
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