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Greg Bennick is an award-winning champion speaker who makes people laugh while inviting them to think. 

Having spoken worldwide at events ranging from international conferences to Nobel Tribute banquets, Greg has presented with foreign dignitaries, world leaders, and more, before audiences from all walks of life. He has over thirty years of experience as a keynote speaker. 

He speaks about: 

- managing the unexpected

- new perspectives on change management 

- facing challenges by stepping into the unknown as a team.

And he has been known to do this while juggling, using it as a metaphor for ideas.

Greg explains new ways to work through conflicts and roadblocks with risk taking and creativity. Think of him as a life coach for your group. He is the perfect speaker for this moment in time, sharing ideas about how to serve others, not how they can serve us.

Every keynote includes…

Laughter: lets your audience have fun while learning

Creativity: allows attendees to explore their own individual potential for growth

Inspiration: via powerful performance, solid entertainment, and profound ideas

Greg customizes his presentations as a keynote speaker to explore ideas on leadership and teamwork. His keynotes are highly interactive and he follows up his words with solid actions: he has toured to over 25 countries speaking and connecting with people about creativity and passion. He is the founder of One Hundred For Haiti, a humanitarian relief and development organization helping to rebuild post-earthquake Haiti. 

Greg’s ideas and creative work have been seen on ALL seven continents (a claim that very few if any other speakers can make), and live to hundreds of thousands of people.

Greg uses entertainment as a vehicle for ideas. He researches his audiences and your group in advance to make every presentation perfect. He entertains, educates, and challenges your audience in the best ways. You started a search for a keynote speaker to motivate and inspire your group, and you’ve found him in Greg Bennick.

  • CUSTOMER SERVICE: A Juggling Act
  • TEAMWORK: The Key to Success
  • COMMUNICATION: The Foundation of Any Team
  • LEADERSHIP: To Listen is to Lead
  • CHANGE: How to Manage the Unexpected

Motivation, Entertainment, Humor, Emcee, Team Building, Attitude, Self-image/esteem, Performance, Success
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"A juggler and inspirational speaker: it'd be hard for anybody to balance such extremes, but Bennick seems to do it with grace." -The Seattle Times

"It's always a delicate balance to find entertainment that works for everybody - you were perfect for our group!" - Legacy Health

"You're really funny. I think, since we're having such a hard time electing a president, that I pick you!" - Agilent Technologies

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