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Frank Candy is known as a highly approachable, motivational and inspirational author, keynote speaker and trainer. He offers real-world solutions to effectively compete and dominate in this challenging global economy. His style is engaging, entertaining, and enlightening, while blending humor, with high levels of audience involvement. Frank Candy uses applicable stories of best practices, and specializes in professional and personal development. 

Frank Candy is a Gold Medal winner who applies the same principles of winning in sports to business - focus on bold leadership, teamwork, strategy, performance, the pursuit of excellence, great preparation, quality, creativity and innovation, determination, and the "never give up" attitude of a winner.

In a reader's choice survey for "Corporate Meetings and Incentives Magazine", motivational and keynote speaker, Frank Candy, was selected as one of their favorite professional public speakers in America. "Frank Candy packs his speeches and seminars with relevant content, significant examples, current and future tends, compelling stories and universal humor that people appreciate and connect with." In a readers choice survey for Corporate Meetings and Incentives Magazine, the readers selected Frank Candy, as one of their favorite professional speakers in America.

Most of Frank Candy's presentations focus on the changing world of the workplace: His Bold Leadership Model, (Values, Strategy and Culture.) plus, his Multi-Generational Teamwork, (Listening, Understanding, Acceptance, Trust and Communications) Plus his Pipeline Marketing and Selling Models (Pack the Pipeline with prospects and customers, make him high in demand for corporate meetings.

Frank Candy is the:

· Founder & President: ASBC

· Honorary Chairman: Technology Partners of Florida

· Author: Eighteen+ books, success guides, audio CD's and DVD's

· Former CEO: Internet Marketing Enterprise Group

· Contributing editor for six business newsletters

· Founder and Coordinator: Central Florida Meetings Industry Council

· Board Member: Retail Sales Institute

· Former Board Member: MPI - Meeting Professionals International

· Current committee or task force member for three non-profit organizations

· CPC designation: Certified Professional Consultant

· CPMC designation: Certified Professional Marketing Consultant

· Gold medal winner for cross-country skiing and kayaking

· Silver Medal Winner for canoeing and kayaking

· Former program coordinator and instructor with the International Wilderness Experience School

· Dog trainer for service dogs specializing in Golden Retrievers

· All around good guy who wants to inspire people to do more, do their best, and give it all they have.

  • Bold Leadership
  • Emerging Business Trends - See the Future
  • Inspired Innovation by Values
  • Managing Change - In World of Non-Stop Change
  • Multi-Generational Teamwork
  • It’s All About Results 
  • Pipeline Sales and Sales Management
  • Managing Channel Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Overcoming Adversity / Dealing with Change

Marketing, Sales, Technology, Customer Service, Change, Future, E-commerce, Business, Communication, Emcee, Generations, Success
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I've hired Frank Candy to deliver over 30 speeches in seven states. Each time he inspired the audience to overcome the adversity of tough times, motivate them to g/o to a higher level, and laugh while doing it. Frank is a very gifted person. He is fast on his feet, has a valuable message, a lot of depth, very humorous, and a great speaker. - NGH

When you got to the "Things I'm Not Allowed to Tell You" part of your talk, I was laughing so hard my sides hurt! - OSAE

I received very good feedback from my contacts today! They said you were wonderful and that you spoke on exactly where they are with this transition. You really made me look good as they thanked me for suggesting a speaker and steering them in your direction. - Bank of America

I've heard many presentations over the years. Yours was the best ever! It was perfect for us! It's been three days since you were with us and I'm still laughing and the group is asking if you will come back next year. - Walt Disney World

Oh Frank, did you light up the room! We all learned new things to be more productive. Your stories... had everyone laughing for the rest of our meeting. It was brilliant the way you tied our industries challenges and your stories all together. Your point on how people and their attitude make the difference was the highlight of our event. Thank you for making us so happy! - HSME

How you could keep a group of guys who sell high technology for a living laughing And learning for 90 minutes was fabulous. This is the fourth time I've heard you and each time was different, brilliant and fresh. You are amazing! - Internet Services of Texas

WOW! The presentation was everything you promised and more. it was fast paced, entertaining, educational, excellent handout materials, and even a short clip from "Cadillac Man!" I spoke with many of our attendees and they were very pleased. You gave them a lot of great new ideas! - CFADA

The very best presentation of our whole event! Your talk was rated the highest one. It was informative, candid, and nicely reinforced by handouts. - Meeting Coordinators, Inc.

I would like to thank you for great power-packed presentations at our march meeting. Both sessions we right on target! Your evaluations were all 5's and 6's, the highest possible ratings. Some of the comments I heard afterwards were: Great!!!. Wonderful!!!. Fantastic!!!. Such Energy and vitality!!!. Good content!!!. What fun!!! Thanks for making us look so good, it's great having people like you on our team. - CMP Meeting Professionals International

FANTASTIC! FANTASTIC! FANTASTIC! Describes the presentations to our workforce at Cutrale Citrus Juices USA, Inc., in Leesburg, Florida. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. - Cutrale Citrus Juices

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