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Scott Klososky, a former CEO of three successful tech startup companies and principal at Future Point of View, a technology consulting firm, specializes in seeing beyond the horizon of how technology is changing the world. Scott’s vision and ability to see trends in emerging technologies allow him to be a thought leader who applies his skills to help organizations thrive, leaders prosper, and entire industries move forward. As a technology entrepreneur, he continually works in the trenches of building his own companies.

Scott is involved with "crowdscribed," a publishing model for a range of publication types generated by crowdsourcing. Created by the crowd and for the crowd, this new model of publishing reverses the process of traditional publishing and produces titles that will guarantee readers—and revenue.

Scott is author of "The Velocity Manifesto," "Enterprise Social Technology," and "Manager's Guide to Social Media."

He is also the founder and part owner of Alkami Technology, a previous technology startup that has developed a second-generation online banking platform that provides many new features that do not exist today in current online banking systems. It is a privately owned software company focused on providing online account management solutions to the financial services industry.

His unique perspectives on technology, business culture, and the future allow him to travel the globe as an international speaker, consultant, and author, working with senior executives in organizations ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to universities and non-profits.

Everywhere he goes, Scott Klososky leaves audiences in awe with exciting technology presentations that teach graphically and orally, with outlets for enrichment far beyond the event itself. He always works to employ the latest techniques for audience interaction, while presenting concepts in ways that challenge attendees to think holistically in “high beam leadership” ways. Not only does he customize his content to maximize time and learning; he has a genuine conviction to help others realize his concepts and embrace a practical understanding, which has as big of an impact as the topics he speaks on.

  • Sales/Marketing/Social Technologies: Digital Marketing: Helping Organizations Harness the Power of Social Media, Social Networking, and Social Relevan
  • The Changing Sales Model: Socially Facilitated Selling and Socially Directed Buying
  • The 2.0 Customer: A Radical Change in Buying Behavior
  • Futurist/Trends/Strategy: Trends, Technology and Taking the Lead: Adaptive Cultures
  • Big Data and Business Intelligence: A Revolution of Insight
  • Cloud Computing: The Cloud Era
  • Humalogy: The Perfect Blending of Humanity and Technology to Optimize Performance
  • Leadership: A Technology Infused Leader: High Beam Leadership
  • Global Change/Thought Leadership: The Technology Integration of Man
  • Did God Invent the Internet?

E-commerce, Business, Technology, Global Business, Management, Leadership, Corporate Culture, Creativity, Future, Strategic Planning, Coaching, Executive Development, Media, Motivation
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