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LaughingStock Comedy Company is: The Funniest Company in Business. For over 20 years, members of LaughingStock have been lampooning America’s corporate culture at banquets, association meetings, customer fetes, trade shows and other special events. They have created comedy mayhem live on stage, on audio and video industrials, and on-line.

LaughingStock’s success is a result of extensive background research into every single audience for whom they perform combined with quick-witted comedians taking and using audience suggestions during the performances. LaughingStock’s experienced actor/comedians are well schooled in improvisational comedy techniques and — armed with their background research — spontaneously create fun and funny scenes based on the work lives of the audience.

Another key to LaughingStock’s success is their ability to roast the job without roasting the person. LaughingStock rarely names names, poking gentle fun at all the other constituencies that get in the way of someone getting their job done: management, customers, regulators, associates and even family.

LaughingStock has performed well over 1500 shows for corporate and association special events in the US, Canada and Mexico. Business sectors have included financial and insurance, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, technology and manufacturing, transportation and communications, utilities, government and many, many more.

LaughingStock’s comedians come from a variety of backgrounds and educations and have one important thing in common: They all think making people laugh is the best job in the whole world.

  • Creating a Customized Comedy Show for Your Business or Association Event
  • What's So Funny About (your industry, company, job title, etc.)
  • An Evening of Improvisational Comedy
  • Comedy Tonight!
  • The (sponsoring organization name here) Players

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"I would highly recommend LaughingStock Comedy Company for any corporate event. This was the first time we had ever had any sort of comedy act for entertainment at this event (for 500 presidents, CEOs and directors of community banks, along with investment bankers and attorneys, and their spouses) and we were NOT disappointed! The buzz following dinner and the next day was fantastic! There isn't much to laugh about in the current state of the banking industry these days but LaughingStock Comedy Company delivered a much needed, and much appreciated, good laugh! Thanks!" - Board Member Inc.

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