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Karen McCullough is a motivational business speaker and Millennial evangelist who helps organizations and leaders cut through the generational stereotypes and get back to reality by leveraging their team's strengths, enriching the work environment, and driving better results. Karen creates customized programs that have both an educational and an entertaining component. Each of Karen's live presentations blends current research with humor, concepts and stories,that moves participants to take action.

What Differentiates Karen from the Pack?

Look at her NEW Video and see for yourself! Karen's programs set people up for success, bringing out the great leadership qualities that reside in each member of her audiences. She delivers creative, customized "Keynotes" and "Breakouts" in the areas of change, generational challenges, productivity, stress, customer service, and personal branding / leadership development.

A Millennial Evangelist

Karen innovates through her keen perception and knowledge of human behaviors, trends, and even with a little pop culture thrown in. A self proclaimed "Millennial evangelist", she is known for being on the cutting edge of relevant topics to resonate with audiences of all ages. With her uncanny sense of picking up behavioral traits that motivate and drive professional success, Karen has been able to successfully identify the key differences between the generations/genders/cultures and has identified the strengths and prime motivators that drive each group to succeed.

Who Books Karen? Karen works with corporations, businesses, universities, associations, and any other organization or non-profit looking for a motivational speaker who will open people's minds, make them laugh, and leave ready to make positive changes.

Some of her clients include: Northwest Mutual, VMware, Procter & Gamble, JPMorgan Chase, Symantec, Helms Briscoe, McGraw-Hill, The National Association of Homebuilders, Shell Oil, Exxon, The World Bank, The U.S. Department of Justice, State Farm, Humana, United Way, American Heart Association, and MD Anderson Cancer Center.

What Makes Karen so Savvy?

Before becoming a national motivational speaker, Karen owned and operated several retail fashion stores in Houston, Texas. Often, she hired many young employees with no workplace experience and zero in the retail industry. Karen had the keen ability identifying inexperienced workers who had the potential to become great employees – and they did, many staying on for years! Little did she know, that the early years were the foundation for her life's work – understanding and managing all generations.

"Success is always a moving target. Anyone who thinks that they have arrived is kidding them selves. In order to stand out today you have to understand innovation, inclusion, technology, the new customer, and be open to CHANGE. When you accept that change is necessary for growth you can't be stopped." Karen McCullough

  • Change is Good... YOU Go First: Leading Change
  • Beyond the Brand: Experiencing "WOW" Customer Service
  • The Generational Advantage - New Rules - New Tools
  • Selling to the Generations
  • The Unwritten Rules of Advancement, Success, & Happiness at Work
  • Next-Generation Leadership – Talent Development
  • Shot of Energy – Being the Best You Can Be
  • The Seven Women Project: Redefining Leadership and Success for Women
  • The Unwritten Rules of Advancement and Success for Women
  • Stand Up and Stand Out – Personal Branding for Women

Communication, Generations, Women, Leadership, Business, Customer Service, Branding, Change, Coaching, Future, Attitude, Human Resource, Management, Motivation, Performance, Sales, Team Building, Tech
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"It was truly a pleasure to work with Karen as a general session keynote speaker for our conference. The time that she took getting to know our organization in advance and customizing her presentation was evidenced by the tremendous engagement in the room with our attendees. The audience response was immediate. Even our most hesitant stakeholders made a point of sharing their elation with me after the session. Most importantly, everyone in the session left the room with tangible takeaways. Thank you, Karen, for helping us to take our general session from credible, to INCREDIBLE!"

- American Culinary Federation

"Oh my WOW!!  She was absolutely wonderful!  Every comment has been positive!  She was funny, engaging, thought provoking and delivered excellent content.  Her energy kept the crowd laughing and thinking.  Thanks again!!  You are a wonderful resource we’ll definitely take advantage of." - Tucson Federal Credit Union

“Karen McCullough’s presentation, “Change is good…YOU go first,” was a wonderful addition to the 2014 Illinois Governor’s Conference on Travel and Tourism. She was very well received by Conference attendees who were impressed by both her expertise and infectious enthusiasm. Karen was able to make a strong case for being at the forefront of change and how any organization can adjust their business models to ensure that change leads to measurable results. She brought such a positive energy and humor to her presentation, that she was very much a highlight of our Conference and we are proud to recommend her for future events.” - Illinois Office of Tourism

"Karen was awesome! I heard really great reviews from the delegates about her sessions. She was personable, friendly and really connected with the delegates. The tourism staff person in charge of her room told me she had to bring in extra seats for her second session! Karen definitely is someone I'd like to bring back for future conferences." - Nebraska Tourism Commission

"...she did a fantastic job and everyone loved her!!! Thank you for the suggestion!! Everyone was extremely happy!" - SunAmerica (Advisor Group)

"Karen did a really good job and we were pleased with her... She was great!" -Rensselaer County Regional Chamber of Commerce

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