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Jane Poynter is one of only eight people to agree to live sealed in an artificial world for two whole years… and succeed. Her training for Biosphere 2 led her to ride the rugged and isolated Australian Outback on horseback, and sail across the Indian Ocean and Red Sea on a concrete research boat. Involved in the Biosphere from the start, she managed the design and operation of the farm where the crew grew its food. She is the author of "The Human Experiment: Two Years and Twenty Minutes Inside Biosphere 2."

Jane is CEO of World View Enterprises Inc., which is pioneering a new frontier at the edge of space for travel, research, education and other scientific and commercial pursuits. The firm is offering an accessible, affordable platform to take passengers into nearspace for a once-in-a-lifetime human spaceflight experience. Propelled by a high-altitude balloon, passengers gently float for hours in the comfort of a space-qualified, luxury capsule, gazing on spectacular views of the planet before gliding back to Earth. World View also offers extensive research and education opportunities.

Jane is also President and Chairwoman of Paragon Space Development Corporation, which develops technologies for extreme environments (like outer space and under water). For four consecutive years, the firm has been named on Inc 500’s list of fastest growing companies, and the National Association for Female Executives awarded Jane its Entrepreneur of the Year award. Jane has had experiments in her patented self-sustaining habitats flown on the International Space Station, the Russian Mir Space Station, and the U.S. Space Shuttle. The firm is now on the teams developing America’s new space suit and Orion spacecraft. Paragon is developing many life support and thermal control technologies for NASA and private spacecraft companies, and a dive suit for the U.S. Navy that allows divers to work in polluted waters.

Jane has worked with the World Bank on projects to mitigate global climate change and grow crops in drought-stricken Africa and Central America. She is President of Blue Marble Institute, a 501(c)(3) non profit dedicated to leadership in science, sustainability and exploration. She serves on the City of Tucson’s Climate Change Committee. Her second book, Champions for Change: Athletes Making A World of Difference launched in November 2009 at the United Nations in New York, and is now a successful middle school program.

Jane Poynter has appeared on hundreds of television and radio shows, and has been interviewed for many magazine and newspaper articles about Biosphere 2 and her work in space and the environment. She has been an invited speaker at events hosted by groups such as the United Nations Environment Programme, the US Environmental Protection Agency, TEDx, NASA, MIT and Microsoft. She also hosted a children's educational program, which she filmed in zero gravity on a vomit comet.

  • Rules For Life: Lessons Learned From Isolation And At 160 Miles Per Hour
  • The Successful Woman
  • The Smart Future (sustainability)
  • The Human Experiment
  • Starvation, Suffocation, And Madness (space talk, human exploration)
  • We are Biosphere (sustainability, green talk)
  • Leadership, Green, Sustainability, Future Technology, Space topics available
  • Corralling The Group Animal (human behaviors in the workplace)
  • From the Biosphere to the Stratosphere

Environment/Green, Women, Science/Space
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