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Ross Shafer, Cam Marston, and Scott Klososky have designed this intense triple thought leader event specifically for your C-Suite and top tier leaders; leaders who are eager to cascade change throughout their organizations. In this intimate three-hour session, you'll get a case-studied thrill ride of the world's freshest growth ideas. The trio will cover the following disciplines: Grabbing More Market Share in a Flat Economy (using legal corporate "espionage" to capitalize on the weaknesses of your competition); Leveraging Emerging Trends (both behavioral and technological); Accepting That Best Practices are a Moving Target (strategy and tactics re: when to move on); Deploying Customer Empathy & Urgency (the critical evolutions of "service"); Attitudinal Demographics as Predictors of The Future (life after Gen "Y"), Efficient 4-Generational Selling (the psychology and the predictable results); An Accountability and Authenticity Culture (leveraging undernourished growth engines); Crowd Sourcing 201 (when to use them, and more importantly...when NOT to); The Next Wave of Social Marketing (the volatile marriage of media and relevance); Global Commerce Innovations (the shrinking world and your eventual role in it.).

Ross Shafer is a six-time Emmy Award Winning TV producer/writer who, in l994, turned his inexhaustible energies to the question, "What cultural influences cause some organizations to die...while others grow exponentially?" To that end, Ross has written and produced 14 Human Resource Training films and penned the acclaimed business books, "Nobody Moved Your Cheese," "The Customer Shouts Back," "Customer Empathy," "Are You Relevant?" and "Grab More Market Share."

Scott Klososky is a former CEO of three highly successful technology start-up companies. Scott specializes in looking over the horizon with how technology is changing the world. Scott’s vision and ability to see trends in emerging technologies allow him to be a thought leader who applies his skills to help organizations thrive, leaders prosper, and entire industries move forward. His books include, "The Velocity Manifesto" - Harnessing Technology, Vision and Culture to future proof your organization,""Enterprise Social Technology," "Social Networking, Social Relevancy," and "Manager's Guide to Social Media."

Cam Marston is the leading expert on the impact of generational characteristics and differences on the workplace and the marketplace. For over 15 years, Cam is an author, columnist, blogger, and lecturer who imparts a clear understanding of how generational demographics are changing the landscape of business. Marston's books include "Motivating The 'What's In It For Me?' Workforce","Generational Insights," managing generational issues and "Generational Selling Tactics That Work," a study of generational approaches to sales and marketing.

  • Relevance: The Event - An intense, triple thought leader event designed specifically for your C-Suite and top tier leaders.

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"I would like to thank you for an outstanding presentation during our 2013 Annual Conference. Your ability to teach and entertain our audience was quite impressive, and surpassed any keynote we've had in the past. The combination of customer expectations, technology, and generational sales in one power-packed presentation armed our audience with invaluable information that will change how they do business, and strategize to remain relevant. The results from our annual conference survey support the notion that our audience was blown away. The Relevance team received the highest rating when compared to every other session offered during our conference. I immensely appreciate you making me look great, and upping the ante for our future keynote speakers. You will be a tough act to follow!" - Produce for Better Health

"Best speakers ever. Less down time which is why we are there to do work. Never thought I would last three hours, but somehow I left wanting more!" - Attendee, 2013 Consumer Connection

"The Relevance Team made me feel irrelevant, in a good way! I definitely took away great information to make impactful changes in my organization."- Attendee, 2013 Consumer Connection

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