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Hawkeye Richardson is the Executive Director of the educational nonprofit organization -- Tell Me A Good Story. The primary mission of the organization is to teach and encourage people to have more quality, face-to-face communications and interactions.

In his seminars and presentations, Hawkeye teaches ideas and tools to help people learn how to “Communicate and Connect with Conscious Intention.” Whether the audience is a group of small business owners, C-level corporate executives, sales and customer service personnel, teachers and students, staff and volunteers at a nonprofit, parents, grandparents and care givers, or employees and spouses at an annual dinner, Hawkeye ‘practices what he teaches.’

Hawkeye doesn’t just communicate to a group, he connects with it. He demonstrates the importance, benefits and power of face to face communication. With his entertaining and memorable style, Hawkeye engages the audience through actions, words, and simple examples that powerfully convey the concepts he teaches.

Hawkeye has been involved in marketing and management consulting for over 40 years. He presents to companies and organizations of all types, and to individuals who want to learn how to communicate and connect in more productive and satisfying ways. He shows how poor communications in companies reduce productivity, sales, profits, and employee morale, and how they contribute to increased employee stress and turnover. He also shows how communicating and connecting with ‘conscious intention’ leads to better relationships with family, friends, and even with ourselves. He is the author of three books including “Communicating and Connecting with Full Intention.”

Hawkeye ends each presentation with this message: “The best gift you can give a person is not a present; it’s your Presence.” When your group leaves Hawkeye’s presentation, they will have experienced the power of that gift.

  • Live Life Face to Face
  • Do Business with Conscious Intention
  • Facebook: The Anti-Social Media
  • Connecting Face to Face at Your Business Booth

Change, Communications, Customer Service, Education, Family, Leadership, Motivation, Networking, Organizational Development, Sales, Self-Improvement, Social Media/Networking, Success, Corporate Cultur
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“Until I heard your presentation, I thought my employees and I were connecting pretty well with customers, prospects and coworkers. Now I realize we had no idea how ‘unconscious’ we were in our interactions and how much business that is costing us. Your discussions about the advantages of meeting face-to-face, of ways to connect more effectively on the phone, and on how to more effectively work a booth at a trade show or community event were especially instructive.” - Synoptics Corp.

“Hawkeye Richardson delivered a most professional and inspiring workshop - one of the best I have ever attended. He is humorous, insightful, and the group left with many specific and exciting ideas for relating to others, increasing self-awareness and esteem, and getting organized to go forth and prosper! He is outstanding, and any group would be well served to have him present to them!” – Southern Arizona Artisans

“What simple, yet powerful demonstrations of ‘life’ lessons you showed using the magnets and the teeter-totter ruler. From your seminar I not only took away methods to use with my students and co-workers, but also great tools to communicate and interact with my own family. Thank you!”  - Elementary School Teacher.

“Hawkeye Richardson attended a meeting for the Eller Sales Club at the University of Arizona and by the end of his presentation, had every member blown away by the information received. During our meeting, he gave an eye-opening lesson about paying conscious intention I was fascinated to learn how truly important this skill is to have in both business and social settings, and loved how he was so passionate and willing to help. I definitely recommend that people of all ages should be exposed to this information.”  – Univ. of Arizona.

” I recently attended a seminar given by Hawkeye Richardson. Hawkeye was both entertaining and insightful.  I was enlightened to learn the role our subconscious mind plays in choosing a company with which to do business. I can’t wait to hear Hawkeye again and have already recommended his seminars to several other business groups to which I belong." - Genworth Financial.

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