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Jim Sterne is a speaker who gives clear ideas of how to get the most out of a website and how to measure that success. He is always looking to tailor his remarks to each particular audience. He produced the world's first "Marketing on the Internet" seminar series in 1994 and focuses his 20 years in sales and marketing on measuring the value of a Web site as a medium for creating and strengthening customer relationships.

Sterne has written several books including, "World Wide Web Marketing," "Customer Service on the Internet," "What Makes People Click: Advertising on the Internet," "E-Mail Marketing" and "Web Metrics: Proven Methods for Measuring Web Site Success."

Jim is an active public speaker and has been the highest rated speaker at Internet World for 8 years running. In addition, he is regularly asked to keynote at private conferences and run company-specific workshops. With a special focus on web metrics, his company is dedicated to helping other companies understand the possibilities and manage the realities of conducting business online. Consulting clients find Jim to be an energizing catalyst, spurring them to make the most of the Internet and the web to increase sales and customer satisfaction, while lowering costs and employee turnover.

Jim Sterne is the Founding President of the Web Analytics Association. He was named one of the 50 most influential people in digital marketing by Revolution, the United Kingdom's premier interactive marketing magazine.

  • Optimizing Online Marketing Value
  • Customer Service on the Internet
  • The 17 Silver Bullets You Can Implement in Two Days

E-commerce, Marketing, Customer Service, Business
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