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At the Olympic Winter Games in Nagano, Japan, Nikki Stone became Americaís first-ever Olympic Champion in the sport of inverted aerial skiing. What made this performance so unbelievable, was the fact that less than two years earlier, a chronic injury prevented her from standing, much less walking or skiing down a slope at almost 40 miles per hour. Nikki came dangerously close to being sidelined from aerial skiing indefinitely.

Her tenacity and refusal to step down from a challenge brought Nikki Stone back to the top of the freestyle skiing podium. This top spot was far from foreign to Nikki, as throughout her career she earned 35 World Cup medals, eleven World Cup titles, four national titles, two yearlong Aerial World Cup titles, and a World Championship title. She also became the first pure aerialist everómale or femaleóto become the yearlong Overall Freestyle World Cup Champion.

Nikki now travels around the world working as a sought-after inspirational speaker sharing her secrets to success. Nikki was honoured with the title of International Professional Speaker of the Year from American Speakers Bureau Corporation. She encourages and inspires her audiences to find their Turtle Effect by realizing their passions, triumphing over obstacles and take life-enhancing risks, like she did, to reach extraordinary goals that may initially seem unattainable. Nikki has also parlayed her success on the stage or at the podium into an inspirational personal development coaching program. Nikki is personally teaching individuals and groups the tools and skills they need to make infinite improvements in the workplace and in their personal lives. Nikki was also hired to motivate and support the contestants of the Regional Biggest Loser program.

Nikkiís empowering book, "When Turtles Fly: Secrets of Successful People Who Know How to Stick Their Necks Out," was honored as an Amazon bestseller. Nikki was invited on the Today Show to share the success of the book. When Turtles Fly includes inspirational stories from successful individuals from all different arenas (politicians, actors/actresses, Fortune 500 business executives, musicians, best-selling authors, athletes, Nobel Prize winners, etc) and after each story, Nikki gives readers different activities that they can perform to help reinforce the behavior needed for success in their own business and lifestyle. Stone also writes articles and columns for a number of magazines, newspapers, and websites. Nikki is also a contributing author to the inspirational book "Awaken the Olympian Within: Stories from America's Greatest Olympic Motivators."

In addition to her skiing, authoring, and speaking endeavors, Nikki is also a Magna Cum Laude undergraduate of Union College in New York and a Summa Cum Laude Masterís graduate of the University of Utah in the field of Sports Psychology. Nikki has helped counsel athletes on a variety of sports, levels, and competition issues. Nikkiís contributions span far beyond her professional careers, as she devotes time to charities and participates in numerous sponsor promotions for major national and international companies.

  • When Turtles Fly: Finding Your Turtle Effect (Sticking your neck out to reach your goals)
  • Only Some Want to Fly: Striving for Excellence by Spreading your Wings to Reach Success
  • Knocking Down Those Walls: Turning your Obstacles into Hurdles
  • You Canít Get to the Top Alone: Using Teamwork to Achieve your Goals
  • We Only Live Once: Make it Count (Taking the Risk to Be Your Best)
  • Watch Out World, Here Come the Women: Women in Sports & Business Reaching New Heights

Success, Team Building, Motivation, Sports, Women, Risk, Celebrity, Goal-setting
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