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Nick Vujicic has a unique plan designed to enhance the lives of employees, employers, students and educators alike. Through Nick's motivational talks people will discover that a positive approach points the way to a meaningful life. Nick speaks from experience. He was born with no arms and no legs. To most this would be a great detriment, but to Nick it was a challenge to triumph. Yes, the other children insulted him, poked fun, and asked many questions.

There were bouts of great despair and darkness, but Nick made a conscious effort to prevail and to dream big. Realizing it was about how he perceived his own situation, Nick changed the course of his life. He had a purpose. Today people gather strength from Nick and tap into their own worth, as he guides them through an insightful method of achieving greatness, regardless of situation.

Nick's inspirational program is sure to captivate the world. People will learn how to overcome adversity, persevere under any circumstance and attain the height of their ambition. Nick Vujicic is reaching out to the corporate world and the educational system with powerful words of encouragement. We all matter!

Businesses profit from our approach. We utilize the concept of positive thinking and incorporate it into the work environment. We have created a refreshing view on how to define goals, envision success and make choices that lead to victory. Schools benefit from our unique appeal. We bring to light the fact that everyone has potential and that the educational process can be fulfilling.

Nick Vujicic's life demonstrates that all things are possible. Nick is author of "Unstoppable” and "Attitude Is Altitude."

  • Goal Setting
  • Attitude of Gratitude
  • Ingegrity and the Power of Leadership
  • Dealing with Change
  • Persistence
  • Accepting the Things You Can't Change
  • Changing the Things You Can Change
  • A Reality-check on Your Priorities
  • Importance of a Team-Playw
  • Getting the Most Out of Your Circumstances // NICK OFFERS SPECIAL TALKS FOR SCHOOLS

Youth, ADA, Motivation, Self-image/esteem, Adversity/Challenge, Business, Leadership, Performance, Team Building, Goal-setting
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