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Francine has engaged audiences large and small with her compelling story of triumph over insurmountable odds. Her authentic, impassioned message motivates and inspires audiences no matter what industry or background.

Once upon a time all the odds were stacked against Francine, from drug and alcohol addiction, living in poverty on the streets of New York City, to being trapped in a life of ill repute. Today Francine lives a blessed life traveling the world, owning two beautiful homes in California, the admiration of a loving husband, supportive friends and family, is a published author, and owns and operates a thriving legal practice. With 30 years of recovery under her belt, Francine is also a pillar of strength and support to those wrestling with addiction.

In her engaging, intelligent and often humorous style, Francine shares more than her story, she imparts her audience with a renewed conviction that anything is possible. She expounds upon her unique concept of Esteemable Acts and she gets real with the audience. Francine resurrects concepts like good old fashioned hard work and determination. She shows how these sometimes unpopular ideas are key to moving from a failure-oriented, lack luster life to an action-oriented life as a shining star of success. Whatís more, Francine has an uncanny ability to restore her listenerís desire to once again take pride in being their best in every area of their lives.

  • Fear Ainít Nothing but a 4 Letter Word!
  • Self-Esteem Comes From DOING Esteemable Acts!
  • You Can't Change What You Can't See!
  • Lions, Tigers & Friends: Landmines When Playing in the Social Media Sandbox!
  • Common Legal Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

Motivation, Self-image/esteem, Law, Women, Entrepreneur, Sports, Minority, Change, Coaching, Self-improvement, Success, Business
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