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“SUCCESS COMES IN CANS, NOT IN CANNOTS!” JOEL WELDON . . .A Former Construction Worker who turned down a four-year college scholarship because he thought he just wasn’t “smart enough” to go to college, Joel Weldon is living proof of the power of one idea to transform your life! For the past 36 years he’s been one of the most highly respected and sought-after speakers in North America, and an Idea Consultant and Sales Trainer to many of the world’s leading organizations and businesses. Companies that hired him three decades ago are still hiring him today!

Joel’s unique concept known as N-F-V makes it possible for him to gain a thorough understanding of your organization’s NEEDS, FEARS, and VICTORIES. His message of timeless truths will resonate deeply with the audience, as he focuses on changeless principles that remain valid, no matter how much the world is changing. With his special brand of humor, he energizes the audience—opening their minds to the practical solutions he provides, while delivering a serious, hard-hitting message—a message specifically designed to meet their NEEDS; help them conquer their FEARS; and reinforce their VICTORIES.

Joel is the only speaker to have earned all four of the highest honors in the speaking profession—THE GOLDEN GAVEL, “for his profound impact on corporate America;” the coveted Communication & Leadership Award; induction into the Speakers Hall of Fame; and in 2006 he was named “Legend of the Speaking Profession.”

His unique corporate logo is known by thousands of people throughout the world—a heavy, 8-ounce can that says: “Success Comes in CANS, Not in Cannots!” It’s a message that sums up his philosophy—“Forget the excuses! Take responsibility! And take ACTION!”

  • Elephants Don’t Bite – Doing the Little Things that Get you Huge Results
  • Selling is a Science
  • Motivation is an Inside Job
  • Making the Tough Decisions & Setting the Example
  • Coyote Power – How to Thrive, Not Just Survive
  • Deliver the Blue Vase – Total Commitment That Conquers All Obstacles
  • Five on the Islands – Defining Your Values & Creating A Mission Statement
  • The 7 Principles of Inspirational Leadership – Shackleton as Your Role Model
  • Communicating with the other 75% - Harmonizing with the Four Behavior Styles
  • Selling Value, Not Price – Being Extraordinary in Your Customer’s Eyes

Humor, Sales, Leadership, Team Building, Time Management, Sales, Communication, Conflict resolution, Stress, Emcee
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"Our biggest challenge is to get our dealers to actually DO these things... Insight does not lead to action. This is where you really helped. Joel, when our Trane dealers left the room, I heard them commit to taking action." - Genesco

"I have hosted many speakers over the years, but I have never met one who spends as much time learning about the target audience and incorporating that information for full effect... Everyone I have spoken to has made some change in their business strategy based on your presentation." - Citigroup Asset Management

"In my entire business career, I have not met a more complete and total professional in the true sense of the word than Joel Weldon. Last year I felt your program was flawless. This year you topped it." - Intel Corporation

"Your enthusiasm and energy filled the room and bought the entire audience of 600 to their feet on numerous occasions!" - Hyster Company

"Dealing with a consummate professional is such an honor. You were able to motivate our sales team in a way that has never been done before." - Johnson & Johnson Medical Products

"What was the best part of our four-day National Meeting? Joel Weldon! That really comes as no surprise after seeing the extensive research you did about our group. I can't recall any convention that has ever given such high marks to one speaker!" - Central Life Assurance Company

"I have never worked with any speaker as thoroughly professional as you. The enthusiasm, dedication to excellence, and content mastery you display, Joel, is simply inspirational." - IBM Corporation

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