Angela Winfield

Zero sight, unlimited vision. Featured in the Wall Street Journal, contributing author to Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Power of Positive, voted a Super Lawyers’ Rising Star and recognized as a Zeta Phi Beta Woman of Courage, Angela Winfield’s story is pure inspiration.

Despite being declared legally blind at age ten, being severely depressed, withdrawn and suicidal at age 14 and going totally blind at age 20, Angela Winfield graduated high school at the top of her class, graduated from Barnard College of Columbia University and Cornell Law School, passed the bar exam and became a practicing attorney, motivational speaker, life and success coach, published author, a community leader, real estate investor, wife and successful entrepreneur- all before reaching age thirty! All of this from a blind, black woman.

By delivering motivational and inspirational keynotes, Angela shares the four “keys” to unlocking her success and how you can use them in your life to create your own success. Despite her admittedly amazing story, Angela says that she is not special. She credits the bulk of her success to the strength of the human spirit- something we all possess, but don’t always know how to tap into.

She is committed to helping people tap into that power so they can unleash their true potential, maximize their success and create personal and professional lives they absolutely love living. She has done it for herself and wants to show others how to do it too.

  • OPEN! (Open Your Mind, Open Your Eyes, Open the Door)

Women, Motivation, Law, ADA (disability), Minority, Adversity/Challenge, Psychology
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