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You want someone who can not only excite and inspire your conferees, but help them make more money and perform well tomorrow while doing so – to deliver the steak along with the sizzle, in other words. And whether it’s a keynote with take-aways they’ll use immediately, a workshop that will help bring them together as a team, or an executive briefing that brings clarity to chaos, Richard Worzel has been there and done that for folks like 3Com (“…you were once again able to exceed our expectations for this important planning session…”), IBM, Ford (“Thank you for the exceptional presentations you made to our dealers”), Deloitte, the Global Congress on Industrial Biotechnology (“It’s almost unheard of for a speaker to take such pains, and we appreciated it.”), Johnson & Johnson (“The audience is absolutely captivated!”), and many others.

Richard is one of North America's leading futurists, as well as a best-selling author, consultant, and commentator on the future and how it will affect our businesses and our lives. While most of us think about the future, but Richard Worzel makes his living that way. His ideas have helped shape the course of business for the past twenty years. With a degree in mathematics and computer science, and the investment industry’s prestigious Chartered Financial Analyst designation, plus twenty years as a futurist, working hands-on with corporations and industry associations to help them plan and prepare for the future, Richard brings a broad, unparalleled perspective to what’s happening now – and what will happen next. He’s also a best-selling author, columnist for Teach magazine, and a frequent media commentator on the green economy, the future of oil, the aging of society, and the social, employment, and business implications of emerging economies.

Whether it's in a major keynote address for an audience of two thousand, or an intimate workshop for a group of 10 key decision makers, Richard always hits the mark with material that is customized, practical, and tailored to the specific interests of the group. In fact, Richard doesn't have a standard speech – each one is created in consultation with the conference organizer, and every conference organizer gets to see the draft of his remarks in advance of the event, along with an invitation to make suggestions on how to improve it. The result is a presentation that is intriguing, shaped to fit the needs of the group and the event, and of continuing value long after the applause stops, and the realities of everyday life return.

Bill Taylor, founding editor of Fast Company magazine, summed it up by saying that “Richard Worzel is more than just a futurist and visionary. His insights are entertaining and intriguing, yet well-grounded and practical. He makes the future come alive for people in a way that makes it easy for them to take action today.” You can start your event off with a bang, or finish it with a memorable flourish by inviting Richard to your event. Wouldn't you like a glimpse of the future for your people?

  • How To Be the Next Hi-Tech Wonder: What’s Ahead for Technology – & How to Profit From It
  • Engineering Success: Winning in the Marketplace for Hi-Tech
  • Building Tomorrow’s Dream: The Future of Wood in a High-Tech World
  • The Unsettled Healthcare Supply Chain: An Opportunity Waiting to Happen
  • Elevate, Educate, Potentiate: The Future of Health Care and Health Care Regulation
  • Taming the Wild Blue Future: What’s Next in Finance and Lending
  • The Fifth Principle of Leadership: Embedding Foresight Into Your Organization
  • Innovation, Cooperation, and Crowdsourcing: Three Tools for Tomorrow
  • Changing Vision Into Reality: How to Make Good Use of the Future
  • Are You Up For Our Future? What the Future Holds for the P&C Industry

Advertising/PR, Creativity, Change, Technology, Environment/Green, Financial, Education, Media, Business, Celebrity
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"Richard's presentation was both insightful and entertaining. The topic and material he covered fit in perfectly with our Firm's financial services industry training session. The feedback received from the partners and staff who attended was extremely positive. As a result, we invited Richard to present at the second offering of the training session later in the year. Overall, Richard did an excellent job!" - Western Retail Lumber Association

"I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for your generous help in developing scenarios for the futures of our organization during our three-day strategic planning session. The exercise itself was nothing short of insightful and certainly very useful. We have gone back many times to our summary documents and have made multiple references to our retreat with you. Your insight, drive and knowledge have made a lasting impression on me and my colleagues. Looking forward to working with you again in the future." - World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology and Bioprocessing

"Your contribution was one of the key ingredients that resulted in a strong and valuable symposium. Thank you for stepping up to the plate with such short notice. You provided all the best elements of a winning session, which added solid, quality content." - Valley First Credit Union

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