Working with a Speakers Bureau

How to Find a Speaker Using a Speakers Bureau
All speakers bureaus are not alike. In this article, we will try to describe the difference so you can understand how to best find the best speakers bureau for you.

Exclusive Speakers Bureaus
Exclusive speakers bureaus have an exclusive relationship with certain speakers. All booking with these speakers must go through these exclusive speakers bureau. Because they exclusively represent their exclusive speakers, they are obligated to get them as much bookings as possible. This would mean that as a prospect, you should expect these bureaus to push their exclusive speakers onto you. You will know that this is the case when they continue to push the same speakers to you, year after year. Financially, they stand to make the most money by booking their exclusive speakers.

Regional or Topic-Based Speakers Bureaus
These speakers bureaus are limited by either their region of the topic they choose to specialize in. Of course, if you need a topic that is that speakers bureau's specialty, then they will do very well in finding you a great speaker. However, if you have more than one need, perhaps in a different topic area, they will not be able to help you. You will need to find another speakers bureau to fulfill that need.

This is the same for any speakers bureau that has a very limited list of speakers they represent. You will only be given the limited choices which they can provide. They may be unable to give you sufficient qualified choices to meet your needs.

General Speakers Bureau

These speakers bureaus are nearly unlimited. While they have their own speaker listings, they have relationships that allow them to provide almost every speaker in the world. Gold Stars Speakers Bureau is one of these general speakers bureaus.

At Gold Stars Speakers Bureau, we are able to provide speakers, trainers, celebrities, facilitators, and entertainers for trade associations, government agencies, and corporations worldwide. Our clients expect top-notch service and top quality, experienced speakers and presenters to meet their varied and specific needs. We embrace accomplished speakers who have great platform skills and experience, with the ability to communicate information and emotion to move an audience to the next level or to a memorable experience.

How to work with Gold Stars Speakers Bureau?

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